Family Ties..

Family Pics2-008

Family is everything!  Most people who know me understand the value I place on family and their importance in my life.  This year all of my children will be involved in an extracurricular activity.  Between daily homework assignments, weekly basketball games, piano and dance practices, I will need extra energy to carry me through.

To be fully present and in the moment,  I am aware that my diet and exercise regimen can make all the difference.    Life will always be busy for us all.   In spite of the busyness we must take the necessary steps towards staying healthy so that we can function at our fullest potential.

I’m looking forward to remaining consistent this week so I’ll have the endurance and vibrancy to cheer my babies on from the sidelines….their biggest and greatest fan!


About Kristin Cherise

I always thought that taking care of others consisted of denying myself self-care. I have realized that I am a much better woman, wife, mother, and friend when I can maintain a healthy balance within my life.
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  1. Hey I’m just seeing this AWESOME Kris 🙂

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