Holiday Leftovers..

With Christmas falling in the middle of the week,  many families have gone back to work.  After the hustle and bustle leading up to “Christmas Day” has simmered,  some unwelcomed post holiday blues can try and “settle in.”

If you find yourself with the blues don’t use your holiday leftovers for comfort.  Take note of your emotions and how you feel.  Jot them down in a journal or diary to honestly share your feelings with yourself.    Being aware of your emotions makes you more conscious of some of the food choices you make and why.     This can help you to pin point  if you may be eating emotionally by identifying feelings of loneliness, sadness or boredom.

Do enjoy yourself a nice leftover turkey or ham sandwich or even a small bowl of mac and cheese,  but be sure to eat out of hunger and not just to fill a void.   You will feel much better about yourself as you consciously make better choices..

Enjoy the rest of your holiday season as we await the arrival of 2014,  my absolute favorite time of year..

About Kristin Cherise

I always thought that taking care of others consisted of denying myself self-care. I have realized that I am a much better woman, wife, mother, and friend when I can maintain a healthy balance within my life.
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2 Responses to Holiday Leftovers..

  1. Sharley says:

    Good food for thought. I get a little “blue” when all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is over. Thanks, Kris!

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